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    We publish daily to those obsessed with the future of media, marketing, fashion, beauty and retail.
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    Our podcasts feature top executives making change happen.
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    Our events bring together the top minds in the industry.
Our Diversity and Equity Pledge
July 13, 2023

At Digiday Media, we have a company mission statement that is centered on fostering change. We need to do just that — in actions. Black lives matter, and the systemic racism that perpetuates inequity and… read more

How Digiday Media is supporting positive change
July 6, 2023

Digiday Media is committing to help raise money for important diversity and inclusion and police reform initiatives. Our mission is to create positive change in the industries we cover and right now, that’s more important… read more

Introducing the Future of Work Newsletter

The nature of work is changing. With more emphasis on work-life balance, changing expectations for company leadership and new workplace technology, businesses are transforming to cater to a new generation of workers. To help our… read more

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Custom understands the people, business and culture of tech-disrupted industries. We explain the complicated in human language.
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For proving that virality is a formula and not a passing fad. Digiday is to digital advertising and media what AdWeek is to television, magazines, and other traditional communication. The site has become an important resource and authority in the world of digital media, where what works and what doesn’t isn’t always clear.

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